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7 Best Retro Office Desk (2022)

Retro office desks have a classic and traditional charm. Besides, they are unique in design and the materials used in their construction. These two features make them a must-have office desks if you simply value style and elegance.

Before getting one, consider the kind of work that you will be doing. If you need a lot of storage, for example, executive desks might be the ideal solution. But choosing the right office desk for your needs can be a real challenge if you don’t know where to start.

Below is our top-seven  retro office desks that will transform your office space and change the way of  your working:

1. Barrett Reclaimed Wood Retro Office Desk – Stone & Beam

The Stone & Beam Barret desk is a well-built piece of furniture that will suit any working space. It is made from reclaimed wood, and its milky white finish is a nod to classic American style.

Stone & Beam used recycled solid pine wood to get that distressed natural look that will add flair to your space.

The table comes fully assembled, and it is essential to check if its measurements will make it easy when moving it to your desired room. Its dimensions are 74.4 inches (L), 29.5 inches (W), and 33.5 inches (H).

The table offers a large surface area that can even fit two desktop computers and leave some room for other uses. The white finish is evenly applied over the entire table, and the surface is smooth enough to glide a computer mouse over.

It is also sturdy and stable to support different kinds of work. With this type of retro office desk in your home office, you can rest assured that your tasks will become more enjoyable and fulfilling.


2. Arlington Retro Writing Desk – Liberty Furniture Industries

Liberty Furniture Industries prides in providing premium home furnishing products from their base in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Arlington House Writing Desk comes in a cobblestone brown finish that will suit any urban living space. This industrial-style desk features metal tube framing and fully-stained interior drawers.

The whole structure is made from high-quality wood material and premium veneers. On top of that, the desk boasts a detail-oriented finishing process that brings out its true image.

For durability, the designers spend more time working with high-level hardware to give a valuable final product.

You have to assemble the desk, although you only need to attach the legs and crossbar. It is a reasonably heavy desk but is solid, sturdy, and well-made. You also get a flip-down keyboard tray.


3. Rustic Computer Office Desk – Little Tree

This rustic office desk by Little Tree is built from solid pine to create a reclaimed look. The resulting industrial style will add a feel of nature in your workspace.

The desktop is painted with a water-based finish, that is not only environmentally friendly, but healthy to your family as well. The workspace is also very smooth to work on and easy to clean.

The desk sits on two slanted metal legs that create an outstanding foundation. The sturdy base makes the desk versatile, and you can use it as a computer, garden, or dinner table.

The legs are made of industrial-duty steel and are powder-coated for durability.

The desk weighs 44 pounds with dimensions at 55 × 23.6 × 29.5 inches. Its 2.5 cm thick board and 1.5cm thick edge frame reduce the weight of the desk while creating a heavy-duty visual appeal.

The smooth edge protects from injury in the event of an impact, and it is also smooth to the touch. There are adjustable foot pads that you can use on uneven ground to enhance stability.

The desk is easy to assemble and sturdy enough for various uses.


4. Carson Forge Retro Office Desk – Sauder

The Sauder Carson Forge Desk, like other products from the company, is manufactured with engineered wood. It features a beautiful Washington Cherry finish and wrought iron style hardware and accents.

There are three drawers with metal runner and safety stops. Each drawer provides you with versatile storage much to your delight. The lower drawer holds letter-size hanging files for excellent organization.

This desk requires careful and keen assembly, and you may spend several hours trying to put it together. The instructions are thorough, however, and you only need a hammer and screwdriver.

It is quite heavy, meaning that you need to assemble it right where you want it to be kept. This product weighs 103 pounds with dimensions of 53.2 x 22.6 x 29.8 inches.

Certainly, this is a good fit for a space at home or office. Despite all that, this product is highly durable and valuable.


5. Large Computer Retro Office Desk – Topsky

This office desk is ideal for a home working space or studio, and it perfectly blends functionality and style. At 59ʺ × 23.6ʺ, the table will provide enough room to maximize your productivity.

It can fit up to three monitors, and you can fit everything you need to work. At least, it gives you enough room to spice up the working space in a bid to make your paperwork a more enjoyable task.

Its desktop is 1.88 inches thick, and it gives it a classic appeal without adding any extra weight. The weathered cherry look will add a rustic character to your workspace.

The desk is protected from wear and tear thanks to the scratch-resistant melamine finish. The lightweight design also protects your floor and is still sturdy enough to hold your computers.

You can adjust the steel legs to accommodate uneven floors or taller chairs. It takes about 20 minutes to assemble and start using the desk. So if you are looking for a strong office desk that can support heavy-duty parcels, TOPSKY 59″ is here for you.


6. Industrial Retro Office Computer Desk – Bon Augure

The Bon Augure office desk promises a large workspace for all your office needs. You get a 60-inch wide desk, where you can place all your essentials and save on the time that you could waste looking for things.

It features a 1.18-inch-thick desktop to accommodate your books, laptop, and monitors.

The desk has an industrial-chic appeal that will look in place in urban lofts as well as contemporary farmhouses. The sturdy frame is supported by heavy-duty metal x-shaped legs and a mesh frame at the back.

An additional support tube has been fitted under the tabletop to ensure the desk does not wobble. You can comfortably write or work on your computer.

The edges have been carefully polished, and the rustic wood grain adds to the classic aesthetics of the ensemble. Overall, the minimalistic design of the desk makes it a solid buy.


7. Barritt Industrial Retro Writing Desk – Coaster Home Furnishings

This writing desk by Coaster Home Furnishings features a vintage nutmeg and black. The desk has three drawers and an adequate workspace. It is engineered using high-quality veneer, metal, particle board, and MDF material.

The color finish allows you to enjoy working on a desk that has interesting designs complete with earthly ambiance. Geometric accents on this desk keep the motif stylish and contemporary.

The process of assembly can be quite tasking for some users, however. There are many components to put together, and the procedure can take several hours. Once assembled, the desk provides you with ample space thanks to its set of three drawers and expansive writing space at the top.

The desk is ideal for anyone particularly who likes spending a great deal of time reading in an enclosed place. This should tell you that it is a perfect choice for a small home office or student’s room.


How to Choose a Good Office Desk?

You need an office that accommodates how you work, and the amount of space you require for maximum productivity. Some factors to consider include:


There are many desk shapes, and the choice will depend on the kind of workspace that you want. The most popular ones are:

  • L-Shape– L-shaped desks offer a lot of desktop space, and they are perfect for people who do plenty of surface work. These desks will suit large areas and corners, although you can still keep them in the middle of a home office.
  • U-Shape– U-shaped desks provide endless ways to style your space. You can set them up in the middle of the room or adjacent to a wall. They are characterized by a desk, a return, and a bridge in between, and they mostly come with filing pedestals for storage. U-desks, provide a lot of space for working.
  • Rectangular and Oval Desks– Rectangular desks are well-suited for large areas, and rooms with a square design. Roundtables can be used in smaller spaces, although there are harder to fit in corners.


  • Writing Desks– Writing desks are designed to be functional and are therefore not fancy. They typically feature clean legs and a flat surface top. They come with a basic work surface, and they will only have a keyboard tray and pencil drawer for storage.
  • Executive– Executive desks are quite large, and they will suit expansive home offices. They are commonly heavy and well-decorated, and they have significant storage space. The desks are fitted with a front panel that conceals the legs of the person seated on the other end. You can buy this desk if you want to create a professional image.
  • Floating Desk– If you only have little office space to spare, consider getting a floating desk. They are mounted on the wall and will often include shelving. Floating desks may, however, not provide enough workspace for you.
  • Computer Desk– A computer desk can accommodate a desktop computer, and it will include storage for your office supplies.
  • Standing Desk– Standing desks have been gaining popularity since they put less strain on the back than other kinds of desks. You can also get an adjustable sit-stand ensemble that will allow you to alternate between sitting and standing.


The area of your office space will inform the size of the desk you buy. In addition to identifying the size of your office, measure the stairwells and doorways to determine how easily the desk will be transported into your office. You can opt to assemble the desk in your home office, although some of them may come fully-assembled.

Large desks typically have 60 inches of surface top width. They are fitted with a lot of storage features, and they are suited for a lot of surface work.

Medium desks are ideal for standard-sized rooms as their width ranges from 40 to 60 inches. Smaller desks will create a spacious feeling in your workspace.

Construction Material

Wood decks are popular because they have a natural and authentic appeal. Desks made from real wood are typically expensive, and you can expect them to wear out naturally from daily use.

Plastic office desks are more affordable, and they come in a variety of colors. In addition to that, they don’t wear out so easily. Metal desks are ideal where there is a heavy workload. And they are long-lasting due to the type of material used in their construction.


Retro office desks bring a vintage touch to any home office. Choose a table with a sturdy frame to ensure it does not wobble around while you work. You also choose an office desk that is designed for the kind of work you do.

Therefore, take your time and go through different brands and designs of retro office desks before making your final decision on what you are looking for. You can trust that the choice you make will serve you for a very long time be it at home or in your workplace.

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