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7 Best Retro Office Chairs (2022)

If you like using unique furniture, you should consider having a retro office chair in your working space. Mid-century inspired office chairs to add a classic charm to any area, and they will be both functional and decorative.

With office chairs, however, you want to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible to promote productivity.

Best Comfortable Retro Office Chairs

Below, I’ve had-picked some of the best retro office chairs, which will give your office not only a cool old-school look, but will also provide you with a great comfort.

1. OVIOS Ergonomic Retro Office Chair

The OVIOS ergonomic office chair will bring a sophisticated and polished look to your workspace. It is a perfect bargain if you are creating a minimalistic style, and it will suit the office, dorm room, or reception area.

The chair is made of suede, and it features a dark brown color. Suede is ideal because it is resistant to water, promotes air permeability, and does not fade. The fabric does not feel cold even during winter. The seat is warm, deep, and soft.

The seat is segmented, and it is fitted with a large and thick cushion for maximum comfort. There is also inbuilt support for your lower back.

The stainless-steel frame provides sturdiness for the ensemble. The frame can support up to 250 pounds, and you can be sure that it will be able to hold you up. It has hooded caster wheels that effortlessly glide through different kinds of floors and a swivel capability of 360º so that you can move from task to task.

The seat is easily adjustable from 45.67ʺ to 45.62ʺ. You can tilt it at an angle and lock it depending on what position feels right for you. The chair provides high back lumbar support, and you can use it for long periods without straining your body.


2. Wingback Retro Office Chair – Boss Office Furniture

The Boss Office chair features classic button tufted styling. The hand-crafted brass nailhead trim adds to the stunning design of the seat. All wood components feature an elegant mahogany finish, and the vibrant burgundy color makes it a decorative piece of furniture for your study, office, home, or conference room.

The chair sits on a sturdy five star 27-inch base for optimal weight distribution. It will, therefore, move smoothly, and you can expect greater stability.

The seat’s pneumatic lift is readily accessible, and the one-touch lever makes it easy to adjust its height. The chair features an upright locking function and an adjustable tilt tension control.


3. Nassau Retro Game, Office Chair

This traditional caster chair is ideal for office use, and it will also complement a game table. Its elegant design features decorative turnings, a scalloped top, and a wood frame. Apart from that, the chair is beautifully designed to fit in any workspace and for multiple uses.

Its rich dark leather and brass nailhead add a touch of sophistication. The beautiful oak finish also adds an old-school nostalgia to the ensemble.

Sturdy casters and a 360-degree swivel enhance the chair’s functionality. The seat can adjust between 19-22.25, and it also tilts for convenience.

Speaking of convenience, this adjustable seat is made to meet all your needs for a game table, the desk or any space available.

Its overall dimensions are 37.5-40.5×25.75×27. This makes it a convenient office or game chair that will give you comfortability and value for your money.


4. Warrington Caster Retro Game, Office Chair

The Warrington Caster Game Chair will bring comfort to your game nights. It features a stunning cherry finish and scroll arms that add traditional style elements.

The chair rests on casters, and it can swivel around to make it easy for people to leave the table. Its upholstered leather makes it a classic addition to any game room.

The adjustable height makes it easy for anyone to use this chair. Meaning that you can easily adjust it to get your desired height for comfortability.

When it comes to style, the Warrington Caster Game Chair has it all. From simple elegance to functional style and rich cherry finish, this chair is a must-have.


5. Hamlyn Retro Office Chair – Signature Design by Ashley

If you want a stately office chair, consider this piece by Ashley. Its design upholds the vintage style of wood finishes and intricate details. This traditional style is blended with a European flair to make the chair an outstanding piece of furniture in whichever room you keep it.

The rich medium brown finish complements the cherry veneer and the bronze metal hardware. This is the chair to buy if you want to be grand and make a statement.

The chair features a slightly curved silhouette with metal and plastic casters. The seat can be adjusted between 18 inches to 21 inches to suit the different sizes of working tables. The chair can also tilt and swivel with little effort on your part.


6. Wood Banker’s Retro Office Chair – Office Star

This desk chair by Office Star blends a timeless style with modern functionalities. It is a revamped version of the infamous Banker Chair of the 19th century.

The chair can be adjusted from 17.5 to 22.5 inches high with the use of a pneumatic control handle.  The handle of the Office Star chair also controls the tilt of the seat, and you can pull it out to rock back and forth. There is a tilt-tension knob under the seat that makes it easier or harder to rock back in it.

The chair settles on a durable metal base for maximum durability. The nylon casters make it easy to roll from one place to place, and it swivels 360 degrees for multi-tasking convenience. The casters are, however, not ideal for hardwood floors.


7. Executive Swivel Retro Office Chair – Flash Furniture

The Flash Furniture traditional office chair features a rustic brown suede upholstery. The arms are made in traditional brass nail trimming while its button-tufted back makes the chair a solid buy.

To add on that, the chair is made using high-quality mahogany wood on the handles and base to blend nicely with rustic brown suede upholstery.

The chair is ergonomically designed to provide optimal comfort as you work. You can adjust it to a suitable height or swivel it through 360 degrees.

This adjustment is only possible with the help of a pneumatic adjustment lever that allows you to adjust the chair to the best height. Also, this feature enables you to easily utilize your workspace in the office or at home without straining.


How to Choose a Good Office Chair?

Most people spend many hours seated on their office chairs, which is why these seats should be comfortable. And designers have taken their time and applied their best skills in ensuring that every seat is comfortable and functional.

A bad office chair will cause back strain and result in long-term body issues. This should not be the case as there are different designs of chairs on the market that offer the best comfort ever.

Some tips for buying a good office chair include:

Lumbar support

Lumbar support means that your lower back is cushioned from back strain. And this is the root cause of all back problems in people of different ages and stature.

Look for a contoured backrest that matches the natural shape of your spine. Your lower back should stay slightly arched throughout the day to avoid slouching, which flattens the natural posture.

Good chairs allow for adjustable lumbar support. Now that your primary concern is the lumbar support, you should take your time to find a chair that fulfills your desires.


Not all chairs are of the same size, design and make. Some are small, while others are bigger. Depending on your size or body type, you must look for a chair that will meet your needs.

If not, you should consider purchasing a chair that is easy to adjust so it can accommodate you well.

An adjustable chair allows users to get different levels of comfort as they work on their desks. You should be able to tune the chair’s height to your height. It is recommended that your thighs are horizontal to the floor for maximum comfort.

Seat Mobility

You want a chair that allows for free movement around the office since it is not advisable to sit in one position for lengthy periods. Swivel capability is a welcome feature, especially if it covers 360 degrees.

A good chair should rotate swiftly and efficiently to combat fatigue. Besides, such a chair gives you an advantage of maneuverability while you are seated. As such, you can perform different functions while seated comfortably in your chair, tanks to the seat mobility.

With that information at the back of your mind, choose a chair that will give you enough freedom to move from one corner of the room (office) to the other without letting you strain that much.

This feature will give you value for your money while letting you perform your daily activities with ease and absolute comfort.

Wheel Base

Your stability and that of your chair goes hand-in-hand with your comfortability. In this regard, you must choose a chair that will give you more stability throughout the time you will be seated.

That is the main reason why most chairs come fully equipped with wheelbases.

This feature acts as a foundation that supports your weight and that of the chair. With a well-designed wheelbase, your office chair will remain stable no matter how often you fidget yourself or move around.

Office chairs come with different wheelbases, and your choice will depend on the kind of flooring in your home or office. Some chairs are made for carpets and will perform poorly on hardwood floors.

Glides and self-locking casters are ideal for polished floors if you don’t want your chair to roll away every time you try to sit.


The kind of fabric used on an office chair impacts on its breathability. In hot climates, you need breathable materials like mesh to keep your body cool as you work.

The padding should also be soft as you don’t want to sit on a hard and uncomfortable surface. Luckily for you, most office chairs are constructed using state of the art fabric that keeps you comfortable throughout the day and in different seasons of the year.


Your chair should settle and stay in place to avoid any workplace accidents. Rubber bases are ideal, and you can also look for a chair with five spokes.

You should be able to slide the seat on the floor without damaging the floor.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity determines if the seat can hold you up. Your office chair should not only accommodate your weight, but it should also have extra capacity.

The extra capacity should be included so that your chair of choice can accommodate you whether you increase your weight or reduce it.  Check the weight specifications before buying an office chair.

Adjustment Controls

All the adjustment controls should be accessible while you are seated on the chair. You should be able to adjust the chair’s backrest and move the seat higher or lower. Check each adjust control to know if they are working properly and efficiently.

Don’t take a chair whose adjustment controls are questionable in terms of functionality. This is because you may not be able to enjoy the comfort of your chair while performing your daily activities in the office.


The choice of an office chair may seem like an easy decision, but it is a vital one. Considering how many hours we spend on an office chair, you need one that will cushion your back from strain.

A good office chair must be adjustable, mobile, and very stable. Take your time to check each feature on the chair before making your final decision. An office chair should be a wise investment and one that will help you comfortably accomplish your tasks.

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