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7 Best Retro Arcade Machines & Games for Your Home (2022)

Retro arcade machines are an excellent way of reliving the childhood games you played in downtown arcade centers. Arcade games have changed over the years, and the best machines present users with hundreds of games that they can enjoy at home.

Some of the newer arcade machines and games you only need to plug in the machine into your monitor or HD TV via a VGA or HDMI cable, and you are good to go. But there are still old school arcade machines that you can buy for your home and game room.

Best Retro Games and Arcade Machines

Below, you can find a short overview of the most popular arcade machines you can purchase for your self.

1. Prime Arcades – 4 Player Arcade Machine

You can enjoy all the games you grew up with on this arcade machine by Prime Arcades. It comes assembled with 3,0216 games, including the classics of the 80s and 90s.

You can expect games like the Simpsons, Golden tee, and Street Fighter. It is an excellent machine to play 4-player games like X-men, Sunset Riders, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The arcade machine features striking graphics, and you can also get custom artwork as well. It is fitted with a 32ʺ LED monitor to give users a high-resolution experience.


2. Cocktail Arcade Machine – 1162 Classic Games

If you are looking for a centerpiece arcade machine for your house or business, consider this piece by Creative Outdoor Distribution.

Everything about this machine is premium, from its thick tempered glass top, high-quality SANWA joysticks, to its two leather bar stools. It has a 26ʺ LCD monitor to enhance user experience further.

This arcade machine also scores well when it comes to the ease of operation. No setup is required, and you only need to plug and play.

It is packed with 1162 classic games that be used in friendly competitions between family and friends. You can play two-player games with the screen titled or keep the screen flat to use the side panels.

While you can play the games for free, there is a paid play option that you can use to generate revenue.

You get a 3-year warranty, and you can, therefore, purchase the product with maximum confidence that it will serve you and your family for years to come.


3. Roll and Score Classic – Vintage Game

This Roll and Score Game set by Barrington may be packed with modern technology, but it still stays true to its retro inspiration. It will suit enthusiasts who are looking for a modern twist on a traditional classic.

Barrington opted for a rustic design with this machine to capture the essence of the original ball scoring game.

Its design features distressed oak wood and iron metal trimming, complete with rust-resistant legs. The rusty finish on the metal cage gives the machine an industrial appeal.

The game has a similar length to the ones used in arcades, with dimensions at 119.5ʺ × 24.75ʺ × 56.75ʺ. It comes with everything you need for game nights, including four balls and a built-in ball return system.

The machine has been equipped with a modern scorer in the form of an LED digital display. The bright lights and arcade sound effects will add to the adrenaline rush during competitions.

The lip at the end of the runway offers the ideal ‘pop’ to target the various point slots, and the metal cage discourages balls from escaping and damaging your walls or floor.

Barrington offers a 9-day return or replacement period if you are not satisfied with their roll-and-score machine.


4. Pop-A-Shot – Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

This game is a contemporary twist on the original Pop-A-Shot basketball game.

The setup has been built to withstand years of use as seen by its premium 1.5ʺ steel tubing that is powder-coated to discourage rusting, the durable nylon ramp, and extra-thick backboard that will handle constant backboard shots.

The rims are also stronger than ever, and the sensor placement has been revised for maximum accuracy.

The machine is incredibly easy to set up. You will need to use the steel tubing for framing and adjust the height to your preference. This process is as easy as connecting the tubes and snapping them into place.

If you can, get another person to help you hang the blackboard and the scoreboard since it can be a bit tasking for one person. You should also ensure that the nylon cloth is well wrapped around the tubes as it also functions as the ramp.

The shipping dimensions of the game are 48ʺ × 24ʺ × 5.5ʺ, making it a larger setup than comparable sets. It comes with three adjustable heights of 82, 88, and 92 inches, and you can expect an authentic basketball experience with the game.

The game is equipped with 16 different games, which is quite impressive for any arcade basketball arcade game. You can choose from individual skill challenges, direct competitions, and the classic 1-on-1.

The six audio options include an announcer who calls the game. There are also three music selections and sound effects like basket ‘swishes.’ This interactive action will spice up your game sessions.

Pop-A-Shot supply the game with seven rubber mini-basketballs, which is more than the four balls that come with most arcade games.

A control panel lies at the front of the frame, and you can use it to turn the game on and off, change audio, select a game mode, and change the volume.

The accuracy of the sensors is another winning feature of this game. It has been fitted with high-quality infrared scoring sensors that are more accurate than lever-based scoring systems.

Overall, the Pop-A-Shot arcade basketball game is among the highest-quality basketball arcade in the market, and it a solid buy for any gaming enthusiast.


5. Arcade Game Console – 2400 Games

This classic arcade game by Tander is furnished with 2400 kinds of games in 1. In addition to the excellent engineering design, the game has undergone tests by gaming enthusiasts to ensure it provides the best user experience.

The game supports 1280 × 720 HDMI high-definition video output and 1280 × 720 VGA output for optimal versatility. You don’t have to buy a video converter to use the arcade in your home.

It supports two gamers, and the game suspension function promotes continuity since you can leave, come back, and continue to play.

The game is committed to giving users the real arcade feeling with its authentic arcade joysticks and push button.


6. Lanos Air Hockey Table

The Lanos Air Hockey Table will change the way you play Air Hockey for the better. Its cool and contemporary design makes it a great addition to game and toy rooms, living room, basement garage, and even any kids’ room.

The game provides a level playing field and enough room to outplay your opponents.

You get a 48-inch hockey table that will accommodate both adults and kids. Its compact design will fit most size rooms without compromising on the fun.

It is quite easy to set up as you only need to attach the legs and goals and start playing. Additional accessories include a power adapter, two yellow pucks, and two yellow paddles.

Lanos have included and electronic-powered scoreboard and airflow to improve the gamer experience. The hockey puck glides smoothly across the field while an AC-12V motor fan mimics the fast action of arcade air hockey tables.

The build quality on the Lanos Air Hockey Table is outstanding. It sits on sturdy foam-protected legs and is built from a denser fiber-wood material for durability.

Lanos is, therefore, confident enough to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


7. Arcade Game Table – 10-in-1 Games

This versatile 10-in-1 table will let you play many different games. The interchangeable tabletop can support sports like table tennis, pool, foosball, bowling, shuffleboard, chess, and backgammon.

These options will provide hours of family fun that will accommodate everybody’s preferences.

The setup features a unique space-saving design, where its surfaces can be stacked between the foosball base and billiard base. The game will be a perfect addition to a game room or a child’s bedroom.

The table’s exterior has a natural-wood finish to blend perfectly with any bonus room in your house. The game top rests on four sturdy legs that have non-slip footing for stability.



Retro arcade machines bring back the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s when downtown arcade centers provided the gaming thrill for most kids.

You can relive this glorious era with a selection of modern and classic machines from brands like Prime Arcades, Creative Outdoor Distribution, Pop-A-Shot, Lanos, and Tander.

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